Code of conduct

  1. To love and honour the flag, symbol and ideals of academy.
  2. To ensure discipline in every sphere and to respect teachers, elders and other faculty members concerned.
  3. To partake positively in various activities i.e. social, literal, environmental and other planned and organised activities from time to time for their benefit.
  4. To be punctual and regular. Students with inadequate attendance shall be inhibited to appear in the examinations.
  5. To obtain minimum percentage of marks as provided under evaluation criteria to pass the examinations.
  6. To adhere sternly to rules pertinent to uniform.
    To ensure positive response to home tasks, assignments and other academic programmes.
  7. Keep cordiality with students of class and institution, particularly with students of young age groups.
  8. Clean habitually.
  9. Partake in various sports events, cultural programmes, symposia, debates etc.
  10. Not to put shoulder or head through protecting windows or wires.
  11. Follow in queues while going to classes or any place, especially to school buses.
  12. To work without distracting others.
  13. To follow safety rules in letter and spirit.
  14. To use School properties appropriately.
  15. Follow other rules, as and when, framed by authorities for this purpose.