Terms And Conditions

  1. Admission in the School shall be strictly done as per the availability of the Seats. The details given in the form shall be duly substantiated before confirming the admission of Student.
  2. The Admission of Student shall be sternly done as per the Terms & Conditions set by the School.
  3. The Parent/Guardian/s after selection of the wards shall be required to submit the requisite documents to concerned Department of the School.
  4. The Admission shall be provisional and subject to the authenticity of the documents produced by the Guardian/Parents.
  5. The Admission shall be confirmed only after the fee dues are paid by the Guardian/Parents as spelt out.
  6. The selected Students shall be required to follow the Rules/Regulations Of the School.
  7. Any uncalled conduct of Student in School tentamounting to disturb the School discipline shall make him/her liable for appropriate action.
  8. The confirmation of Admission in School shall mean that the Guardian/Parent/s have expressed their will to adhere the School Rules and Regulations in letter and spirit.
  9. The fee shall be paid by the Parent/Guardian/s as per the provisions described in Fee Structure Module.
  10. Relevant legal documents regarding the Guardianship (if applicable) need to be submitted after the child’s admission is confirmed in the School.