Earth Week

Planet vs Plastics

Earth Week

Dear Parents, Students and the world watching us.

We are excited to announce that next week will be celebrated as *Earth Week, with the theme “Planet vs Plastics*.” This week, we aim to raise awareness about environmental conservation, particularly focusing on reducing plastic waste and its impact on our planet.

Students are encouraged to actively participate in Earth Week by creating *paintings, charts, slogans, etc.*, and other visual representations highlighting the importance of protecting our environment. We believe that every student’s contribution matters, and their artistic expressions can inspire positive change.

Throughout the week, we are planning various engaging activities and programs:

1. *Art Exhibitions*
2. *Slogan Contest*
3. *Interactive Workshops*
4. *Clean-Up Drive*

We value the efforts of both students and parents. Any *artwork, chart, or project* related to Earth Week will be acknowledged and appreciated. Outstanding contributions will receive special recognition, and pertinent works will be awarded.

Parents, your support is crucial! Encourage your child’s creativity and engage in conversations about environmental responsibility. Feel free to collaborate with your child on their projects. Whether it’s a joint effort or an individual creation, we welcome your involvement.

Let’s come together as a school community to celebrate Earth Week, learn, and take meaningful steps toward a greener, healthier planet.

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2024-4-21 2024-4-30 UTC+5 Earth Week Earth Week, with the theme “Planet vs Plastics" Alamdar Colony, Baghander Lasjan, Srinagar, J&K – 191101
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